About Farquhar Masonry

Founded by Peter Farquhar in 2001, Farquhar Masonry is a residential and commercial construction company committed to the traditional craft of masonry.

We specialize in brick maintenance, stone maintenance, retaining walls and historical preservation. However, we also contract on new masonry construction in both the residential and commercial markets.

As a mason trained in traditional methods, I am passionate about historical preservation and restoration. I also work very closely with historical preservation societies throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

Much of the work is financed, in part, by state and local historical organizations, including the Colorado State Historical Society, Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority, The Landmark Preservation Commission and The Saint Vrain Historical Society.

We want our customers to know that while we do bid work on new construction projects we generally avoid the thin, synthetic residential and commercial veneers flooding the market. We choose to conform to traditional standards of the trade, using full stone and brick cavity wall construction.

Why Choose Farquhar Masonry?

Our small-scale operation benefits our customers because it affords the opportunity for the owner to work full time on each project site, overseeing the entire process and utilizing over 30 years of field experience with brick, block, stone and brick preservation.

If you are interested in learning more about this trusted construction company in Northern Colorado or you would like an estimate on a construction project, contact us today.

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900 W. Prospect Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Telephone: (970) 218-4423
Fax: (970) 493-3975
Email: peter.farquhar@comcast.net